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Are you looking for a web designer near me? If so, you’re in the right place. We can design a website for you whether you have an established business, or are just starting up.

Chesterfield Website Design

Need a new design for your website? Online, a potential customer’s impression of your company or yourself is usually formed.

Today, a company without a website is virtually invisible. You may need to redesign your website if you are not getting any sales or enquiries.

A good web design is easy to use, visually pleasing and relevant to the brand of the website and its intended audience. Websites must be easy to navigate and provide clear information. Good web design is based on a site that builds trust with the intended audience. It should be as simple and easy to use as possible.

A nice-looking website alone is not enough though. A well-optimised website adds real value. Google is used by 93% of users to find products and services. Are you being found in your locality?

Compared to to other forms of traditional advertising such as the Yellow Pages , each service area dominated is akin to a full page, full colour advertisement. This investment was typically £1,000+ per publication.

It is obvious that if you’re on the first Google page, you only have to compete with a handful of local businesses as opposed with hundreds with print advertising, making it a much more advantageous and cost-effective approach.

Website Planning in Chesterfield

What to Consider When Choosing a Web Designer

You are ready to launch a brand new website for your company in Chesterfield! What do you start with? First, find a web company to help you build your website. Finding the right agency can be difficult if you’re new to web design and technology. Consider the following when choosing a web-design company:

  • Domain name registration and website hosting. If you buy a package that includes domain registration and secure hosting, you are free to then focus on your business.
  • A diverse design portfolio. Look at the work of the agency. Have they created websites in your industry before? You might not want to choose an agency that only focuses on e-commerce websites if you are starting a service-based company.
  • Functionality is key. Websites should not only look good, but also work properly. Check out the tools and services that a web agency provides. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular among end-users. Your website must be mobile-friendly, and accessible on desktop computers as well mobile devices.
  • Additional marketing services. It can be easier to manage a project if you work with a web designer that offers a range of marketing services. You can easily get everything from pay-per-click advertising to optimised pages. Your website design company can help you with copywriting, email marketing, social media marketing and analytics tools.
  • Experience. Every day, new website design companies emerge. Your new website will managed by a firm with 20+ years of experience in web site design and marketing.
Building a website in Chesterfield

Why should you hire Website Design Chesterfield to create your website?

Website Design Chesterfield helps businesses in Chesterfield, East Midlands and throughout the UK to maximise their online potential.

We use digital marketing and on page SEO techniques as a Chesterfield Web Designer. These methods are proven to increase online success and assist firms in finding their way online.

Over 250 clients have benefited from our straightforward and personal approach. Our clients have come back to us multiple times and sent us many referrals.

Digital consultants, local design firms and marketing agencies also refer our clients.

And of course, we are found via Google.

Most likely, this website was found by searching “website design Chesterfield” or for “web designers near me”.

Our Main
Website Design Services

WordPress Web Design

The web designers at Chesterfield create WordPress websites that are easy-to-manage and are optimised for search engines. Our websites are easy to use and load fast, giving our clients a competitive edge in search engine optimisation and conversions.

To assist clients in enhancing the effectiveness of their websites, we build WordPress websites. We place a strong emphasis on website performance, assisting our clients in streamlining their websites to make them simple, user-friendly, visitor-focused, and easy to manage.

Local Search Marketing

Local business marketing will help you get found by people searching for your company, i.e. a “builder”, in where you are located, i.e. “Chesterfield“. You can get on Google’s first page by optimising your local business website, and creating a Google Business Profile. This will save you money on advertising. Combining the two will give your local company a great online presence.

Google Search allows you to expand your empire. Each dominated area is equivalent to a full page, full colour Yellow Pages advertisement, for a much lower outlay.

E-commerce Web Design

Our ecommerce websites deliver an exceptional consumer experience. These websites have a beautiful visual design, easy navigation, thoughtful layouts and secure checkout. We design ecommerce solutions that are unique to each company.

WooCommerce is the best ecommerce platform for managing complex transactions and product selections. Your online store will reflect your business model, be optimised for search and be easy to update.


Google accounts for 93% all internet searches. As a digital marketing tool, SEO exposes your company to hundreds of customers who are searching for your products or services.

By increasing your visibility on search engine results, you can help clients find your company when they are searching for similar products or services. It will be easier for people to locate you and in turn generate more leads.

Logo Design

Why is good design of a logo so important? It is memorable, attracts attention and creates a good first impression. Your logo is also the basis for identifying your brand. Your corporate logo is the foundation of your brand’s identity. All marketing materials and correspondence will include it.

A distinctive brand reflects who you are as well as what your company does. No matter how large or small your business is, first impressions are crucial. They can be the difference between winning or losing.

Why should you choose Website Design Chesterfield for website design?

100% Risk Free

Initial designs are made free of charge. There will be no hard feelings if you don’t like the design!

Price Guarantee

Pricing will not be undercut by anyone. Provide us with a similar quote, and we will match it.

No Hidden Costs

A free business logo design, a domain name, and a year of hosting are all included.

“Our new website has a fantastic design, is fast, and produces leads. For our business, we could not have done any better. Once more, many thanks.”

Miles M, Wave Perfect

So, where do we begin?

Our Chesterfield team of web designers is committed to offering you the best possible website development and design service. We will make sure that your website is up-to-date with the latest trends, unique and loads quickly.

We won’t make decisions for you. We will guide you to the best decision for you and your business.

We are eager to hear your thoughts and get things moving!

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